Tips for Choosing a Sleeper Sofa

A sleeper sofa is actually one of the most adaptable pieces of furniture you will ever own. Whether you are trying to conserve space in a small apartment or you have lots of house guests and not a lot of room for them, a sofa bed may be your best option. After all, you will have a great place to sit during the day and a place to sleep at night. When you’re shopping there are some things you want to consider, such as the following:

  • What’s your style? There are several different styles available and you definitely want the one that fits your needs the best. A traditional sleeper is a pull-out design, where the mattress folds up inside of the sofa. This one is typically the most comfortable, but also the most complicated to fold out. Futons and some of the other options are set up so that the back adjusts to lie horizontally, creating a flat bed. This is easier to use and more convenient, but is usually smaller and less comfortable for sitting on than a traditional one.
  • What is the primary use? Another thing to consider is the primary use for this piece of furniture. If you have guests often or will be sleeping on it yourself, you probably want a bed that is comfortable. On the other hand, if it’s only going to be used occasionally, you want to focus more on comfort when sitting- or the amount of space it will take up.
  • Where is it going to be? Make sure that you think about the room you are using it in. If it is going to be in your main living space, you probably want something that looks nicer.
  • How much space do you have? When choosing a sleeper, you want to make sure that you consider the amount of space you have available. If you don’t have a lot of space, you might want to consider a futon or love seat model. On the other hand, if space isn’t an issue, a full-size couch will be much more comfortable and will give enough room for sitting and for sleeping.