Mobile Internet and search engine advertisements

The beneficial factor for Internet marketing Singapore is the presence of 6.6 million mobile users with 50% of them having 3g subscription. This implies that the people use a diversity of media on their phones. The use of mobiles especially iPhones, apps provide an effective of targeting mobile users by allowing easy social media sharing across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The lead generations campaigns are as a result are deployed across the mobile networks to reach the users efficiently.


Search engine giant Google dominates Singapore cyber space with a share of 84% in the market followed by yahoo and Bing at 10.25% and 1.81% share respectively. Singapore’s internet advertising has seen a huge growth over the last few years with annual compound growth rate of 25% over the 30 month period until June 2010. The amount spent on search advertising has been increased from SGD2.8 million in 2008 to more than three times with 15.9 million. The internet in Singapore and the revenue it generates is rapidly expanding but still the contribution of internet advertising is still 6% of the advertising industry. Many companies are beginning to realize the advantages of internet marketing and the cost effective way of online advertising. More businesses are turning towards internet marketing. Singapore is the ideal internet industry where the internet marketers to enter as many companies are just developing websites and are seeking new customers. The opportunities present before the lead generation industries that can provide cost effective and qualified sales lead for a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising. The growing number of internet users in the city and the proliferation of online advertising companies who are ready to take advantage of the situation have encouraged many enterprises to utilize their services of online advertising.