Each card has more than one interpretation

Tarot cards can convey different interpretations every time they are read. It depends upon the mental state of the seeker and the nature of question posed before the reader. Secondly you should note that the same card can have different interpretations for different seekers. This is what makes tarot card reading an interesting art as well as a science. There are cards which convey a negative meaning. It depends on how one interprets the message. You should focus on the core meaning of the card rather than dwell on the negative aspects. For instance the card “Death” does not signify that you are going to die or something of that sort. It conveys the meaning that your troubles could have a death and a positive change can be expected very soon. Similarly the “Tower” card is also seen as inauspicious by many as it has images of lightning which implies that one would be struck by a misfortune.

In fact the core meaning of this card is that one can expect a massive change in the lifestyle very soon. It may indicate that you might re-locate to some other town for better prospects etc. These aspects are taught to the card readers at the courses which are conducted for them. The same aspects have also been taken care of by the program developers who have developed the free tarot card reading online sites. One should not be satisfied with the readings of an online site as being final. You should always seek the opinion of a traditional card reader who would be able to explain the readings in a better manner with a human touch. These computer websites give an indicative feeling which should be taken in the right perspective. This explains why one should be calm and composed when undergoing a card reading exercise.